In the Spring of 2017, Slater Sousley earned his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Upon his graduation Sousley accepted a Resident Working Assistantship at the International Center for the Arts in Monte Castello Di Vibio, Italy. During his two-month stay in the medieval village, working and painting, Sousley became intrigued by the question of peoples purpose in nature. He was specifically perplexed by a general pattern of categorically separating the human world and the natural world. Upon his return to the U.S. Sousley split his work in two, aside from his studio work Sousley engages in plein air camping trips. Sousley immerses himself and his paintings in the experience of nature. Sousley offers intense perceptual examinations of the mazes of dense foliage which surrounds him on his family's land in central Missouri. 

Sousley's studio works are an attempt to engage with community and day to day life. Using photographs as a recording process for everyday experience, the paintings offer a chance to reflect on the architecture that shapes experience.